Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Leadership 2.0 in ACTION: A journey from knowledge management to “Knowledging”

Here is an abstract and link to a full paper which I co-authored with Dr Brenda Dervin. Cheuk, B. & Dervin, B. (2011). Leadership 2.0 in Action: a Journey from Knowledge Management to "Knowledging“. Knowledge Management & E-Learning: An International Journal (KM&EL), Vol 3, No 2 (2011). http://kmel-journal.org/ojs/index.php/online-publication/article/view/107/87 Leadership 2.0 is a set of alternative management values and practices driven by a set of coherent assumptions about the nature of human communication. In this paper, the authors argue that Leadership 2.0 is critical to make Web2.0 work. This paper is informed by Dervin’s Sense-Making Methodology (SMM) as an approach to design knowledge sharing platform incorporating Web2.0 features which allow user-generated content and have a stronger emphasis on collaboration and interaction amongst users. SMM is a philosophically derived approach which allows knowledge management (KM) researchers and practitioners to more fully understand and listen to user’s needs so as to inform the design of dialogic KM practices and systems to promote knowledge sharing. This paper presents a “Safety Moment” project to illustrate how SMM has been applied to inform the design of a Web2.0 enabled ‘knowledging’ application in Environmental Resources Management (ERM), the world’s largest all-environmental consulting firm. The project discussed has been implemented since January 2008 as part of ERM’s commitment to improve Health & Safety Performance to ensure all ERM employees, contractors and clients are safe at work. The use of SMM informed Web2.0 application has correlated with increased staff satisfaction, increased company reputation and reduced risks. If you have the chance to read this paper, I like to invite you to share your comments with me and the blog readers. Do you share my experiences? Do you have different experiences to share? How do what we have shared in this paper connect with your work, your life, your organization?


Stephen Dale said...


just a holding comment for now. I'm travelling between now and 21st Dec and not much time to do on-line reading. The article looks interesting and on a topic close to my heart (leadership). I've printed the full article and will read while I'm on the road (or in the air). You may have to wait until after 21st Dec before I can post any comments - I don't think they have a very good internet infrastructure where I'm going!

It was good to see you at Online.


Bonnie Cheuk said...

Steve, I look forward to your comments and welcome other readers to share your thoughts with me/with one another, my worry is that we may have entered the phase of superficial enterprise 2.0 adoption (i.e. celebrating success by the quantity of contributions but not the quality of the exchange) when spontaneous dialogue happen easily online but deep down reinforcing the status quo/power structure. I argue that e2.0 practitioners must consciously introduce discipline to promote genuine dialogue that truly drive business transformation and innovate outside the box. It is not easy, but this cannot be left to chance.