Thursday, April 22, 2010

The convergence of Knowledge Management and Internal Communications?

I presented at a Melcrum event titled "Fresh ideas for internal communicators" yesterday and shared with over 150 internal communicators how I have used a range of Web2.0 tools to engage with staff and use their collective insights to co-create ERM's new strategy. I talked about my experience acting as a DJ and hosted a CEO Jam for my company and resulted in lots of questions (and make many new friends). I stayed till the end of the day, and listened to a range of presentations. I have to say some presentations are much more cutting edge than the others.

Coming from the knowledge management field, what strike me is that internal communications and knowledge management professsionals have very common interests. We may use different jargon, but we talk about the same thing. For example, both fields talk about using story telling approach to transfer knowledge (or internal communications people will say "to communicate key messages"); both fields talk about how to build successful intranets to break down silos.

To me, the line between knowledge management/sharing and internal communications seems to be very blur. The reason being effective knowledge sharing has to be built on good two-way communication practices. Knowledge Sharing is good two-way communication in action (or what I call "Knowledging").

If you are interested to dig deeper, check out this paper:

Overall, it was great to know more vendors in the space, and met up with some ex-colleagues and old friends, and delighted to meet new ones who are interested in both communications and knowledge sharing.


Jon Weedon said...

Hi Bonnie - I loved your presentation and you know why? Because your passion and excitement for the work you have been doing shone through every word. Great stuff.

Very interesting to see you write here about convergence with Internal Communications and KM. I have been banging on about convergence between IC and External Communications for a while now. The VMA event on Monday night raised the spectre of increasing convergence between IC and Marketing. I don't disagree with any of these trends - it is a great time to be involved in communications right now!

Anonymous said...

And then there's the question of enterprise social networks transforming both comms and the intranet. In this instance I think knowledge management begins to become transformed when bot knowledge & information

Md Santo said...

Derived from Human System Biology-based KM ( ) there are 3 types of communication. Firstly is derived from KLC-based communication eg. physical or extra communication incl. facilitated with Web 1.0 – 2.0 platform as KM Tools. Secondly is derived from KMC-based communication eg. human mind (logic based) and semantic web as KM Process Framework. And thirdly is derived from KHC-based communication eg. internal communication within (learning) organization driven by their explicit knowledge as well as their organizational culture as KM Standards (Culture and Value Management) using Peter Senge’s ‘The Fifth Discipline ( Personal Mastery, Mental Models, Shared Vision, Team Learning and Systems Thinking).

What really happened is not the convergence of KM and IC, but integration of IC , which is just an object into KM which is a subject representing three types of human consciousness KLC, KMC and KHC respectively ( )

Bonnie Cheuk said...

Thank you for your comments. It is definitely a very exciting time to see the potential for multiple functions to cometogether to create new value for business, namely, knowledge management, internal communications, external communications and marketing. I know I am scratching the surface and I am only beginning to see why. More in my next blog post and I love to learn from me blog readers.

John Hovell said...

Dr. Cheuk - I'm excited to hear about your thoughts! In my humble opinion, the convergence of KM and marketing/comms is an exciting area that seems to be picking up more and more attention. KM seems to have tremendous [potential] synergies with quality, risk management, IT, strategy, HR, business intelligence, project management and several other areas... I think the IT folks have been the early adopters, and it will be great to see the business impact when all of these perspectives converge... thanks!

Bonnie Cheuk said...

Russell - Thanks for leaving a comment here, although somehow it is truncated. I enjoyed your presentation and I think you are doing some interesting work which I am following with interests. Best wishes, Bonnie