Saturday, March 06, 2010

Applying KM approaches and Intranet2.0 to develop a new strategy

In a recent cover story titled "Innovation Co-creation", I share how Environmental Resources Management (ERM) has been applying KM techniques and tools to develop its future strategy development. Rather than steaming ahead with decisions that would have an impact on its staff some time down the line, ERM leaders have actively encouraged them to become involved in the process. The knowledge management aspect here has been the provision of a multitude of communication channels within which staff can share their ideas and insights – and speak directly to senior level management. And more importantly, that information is then considered during the strategic decision-making phase. I talk about the entire process in detail in the cover feature on page 14 of Inside Knowledge Magazine Vol 13 Issue 5. If you are subscriber of the magazine, go to:

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Anonymous said...

thank you for you to make me learn more,thank you∩0∩

朱泙漫 said...

If the reality is a puzzle, each staff probably has his or her little piece. By combing them together we make the whole picture. Such will require a platform, coordinator and a mechanism.

The mechanism, if any, should include not only reward, but also ways to remove authority and censorship.

朱泙漫 said...

Do you think that cloud computing could be applied in KM, especially for SME?

Bonnie Cheuk said...

朱泙漫 - thanks for sharing your thoughts. You have made some useful points in your comment. To me, informed by Dervin's Sense-Making Methodology, reality is never complete and it is continuously evolving, human knowledge is full of gaps, knowledge sharing aims to bring clarity and open up our minds, it also allows diverse voice to surface to build the next level of common understanding.

I think, for those of us working in KM, we must bear in mind this issue:

Power issue - somebody in power can easily intentionally or unintentionally dictate/decide what type of knowledge is considered 'best' knowledge. KM is not about removing this kind of authority, it is about being mindful of this issue and encouraging those in power that good ideas could be emerging somewhere out there any time, and so keep an open mind to embrace new knowledge/ideas.

Regarding cloud computing, I am learning more about it myself. I don't think I know enough to offer my comment at this stage. Best wishes to you and thanks for leaving your thoughts here.

kamal said...

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