Saturday, June 06, 2009

How can you take your intranet onto the centre stage to support your business?

Here is some food for thought if you are planning to come to my session titled 'Supporting the business: Redesigning and improving your intranet' at KCUK2009 (Day 2). I am going to share two examples on how ERM has recently utilised our intranet to address two critical business challenges.

Have a think about these questions if you are committed to take your intranet forward:
  1. What situation is your company facing?
  2. What are the stay awake questions and confusion your senior executives, board members and/or employees have?
  3. How can you take your intranet onto the centre stage?
  4. How can you help your company not only to use your intranet to reduce costs but also to lead the business into the future?

Feel free to leave questions that you want me to address here, and please feel free to come look for me during the event to discuss your ideas. I look forward to learning from you all.


Bonnie Cheuk said...

I want to thank all the KCUK2009 participants for coming to meet and share your questions and experience with me. Good luck with all your KM initiatives.

Bonnie Cheuk said...

I came across David Snowden's blog on KCUK2009 Day 2, and he seems to have enjoyed my session and then missed his train by 3 minutes: