Friday, May 01, 2009

Hosting a webinar with Steve Denning on High Performance Team

On the 6 May 4pm London time, I will be co-hosting a webinar with Steve Denning who will be talking about 'High Performance Team', a topic of personal interest to myself, and I hope all my team members at work can benefit from. Steve asked me a few weeks ago if I would be happy to be the host, and I said yes, partly for my own learning. To prepare for the event, that means I have to read his latest books/articles and I also want to use this experience to prepare for an online conversation which I will be hosting internally within ERM to allow senior management and all employees to have a genuine two-way dialogue about the economic situation.

Let me give you a preview of the webinar, Steve will share with the audience ten big surprises in his research about high-performance teams:
1. High-performance teams are quite common.
2. People already know what high-performance teams are.
3. These are not teams of extraordinary people: these are teams of ordinary people who become extraordinary.
4. High-performance teams are mainly self-organizing teams.
5. People instinctively know how to create high-performance teams.
6. Cognitive diversity is a key ingredient in most of teams.
7. Many people and firms are already creating high-performance teams in large numbers.
8. The improvement in performance that comes from getting into a high-performance mode is dramatic—they are differences in scale.
9. High-performance teams usually don’t die of natural causes: they are killed by management.
10. High-performance teams are geographically distributable and scalable. so that large projects and even whole organizations can be run on this basis.

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